Getting To GNW

By Road

1 Rebecca Drive, Chambers Flat; approximately 40 km from Metro Brisbane.  Note: the actual address of the site is  279 Rossmore Rd, but access to site is only available via Rebecca Drive.

By Train

There is no direct train to Chambers Flat but Loganlea Train Station is the closest at 15 minutes drive away from site. The train ride from the airport to the Ferny Grove Train Station will take approximately 1 hour.

We have a volunteer pick up coordinator for Train Station pick ups.

Please indicate in your booking if you would like to organise a pick up from the Loganlea Train Station and our volunteer coordinator will contact you. See the Translink website for more information on timetables and journey planning.

It might be a nice gesture to throw a fiver at your pickup volunteer to help cover their fuel.

There will be NO Airport pickups organised via the GNW crew this year.

If you do not have a direct contact the booking team will happily advertise locally for a pick up but cannot guarantee one.

We recommend catching the Airtrain service, Airport via Brisbane to Varsity Lakes – Gold Coast, directly to Loganlea station.

Journey should cost approx. $24 one way and will take approx. 1 Hour.
This is cheaper and shorter time than it was taking for volunteers to do airport runs due to traffic conditions on that GNW weekend.

GNW Site Map

The event site map and setup follows below.

You can also download the map as a PDF: GNW 2022 Map.

There have been some changes this year due to smaller overheads but also to do with the site owners. We have had to shift over slightly from the previous setup as there are new fences and a rock pile where we previously ran the event. However, in some really good news for us, the owner is once again looking after the land, rather than agisting it out, and she has been slashing and weeding and looking after it a lot better. The vast majority of the whole area we will be using is now under regular care and is looking fantastic. We won’t be dealing with the knee-high grass any more. This makes the space we do have much more usable.

Other items to note:

  1. There’s no armour tent this year. Armour will have to be kept with you own tent or feel free to bring your own armour tent.
  2. There will be plenty of room around the list field for personal shade or armour tents, you are encouraged to bring your own.
  3. The large dinning tent will be utilised for the Kitchen, Tavern and Catweasel Coffee at one end. The A&S classes will also be run inside the dinning tent with tables and benches moved around to suit as required. This should get more multifunction use of this space and really make it the hub of all the activities.
  4. Given the changes from previous years we may need to re-arrange things slightly once we start setting up. This is the current best plan but maybe subject to change.