This is Queensland, so it is likely to be hot and sunny during the day, get cold as soon as the sun goes down or it will rain. Keep this in mind and you will remain comfortable throughout GNW.

Please bring sunscreen, a good hat, make sure you drink plenty of (non-alcoholic) fluids, bring plenty of clothing, a warm coat/cape and some way of protecting your gear from the rain. Bring plastic bags or bins in which you can store your clothing and bedding if the rain gets really bad.

Wool coats, cloaks and hoods are your best bet for keeping yourself warm and dry – wool sheds water well, and will still keep you warm if it gets a bit damp; synthetics will not. The site can be very green and grassy.

Mud is more likely to be an issue – you should aim to bring some sturdy weatherproof shoes, boots, or patens.


Rocky Creek Scout grounds host some beautiful lands for us to use. Large trees to provide shade, well maintained clearings that leads into grass and bush lands. There is a creek pass the archery range in the thicker bushland that can be used for boating or water crafts – we will confirm safety closer to event (all depends on mother nature) We have a large firepit with one or 2 throughout the site. We are able to collection fire that is only on the ground.