<Need to create or renew your SCA membership before booking? See the SCAA Registry for Australia or the SCANZ Registry for New Zealand>

Site Rules

  1. All lawful directions from the Steward team or their Officers are to be followed.
  2. Dispose of all waste in bins provided.
  3. No smoking in tents or within 5m of tents.  Ensure no smoke is blown into adjacent tents depending on the wind direction.
  4. Payment is due at the very latest one week before the event.  All payments will be reconciled at or before that date. Failure to comply with this may result in booking cancellation and or food cancellation.  
  5. Preferred payment method is via electronic transfer.  Please ensure your reference number is included in the description.

Bookings information

Please fill in the booking form above. If there are any queries, please email the bookings officer.

Once you have made your booking, an automated booking confirmation will be send to your provided email address. Please confirm your booking details are correct on the PDF attached to the email, contact the bookings officer if there are any issues.

The bookings officer will contact you as soon as possible (typically within 48 hours) with an invoice containing your payment instructions. Please do not make any payments until you have received an invoice.

Paying by cash is primarily available for those international visitors who may not be able to pay electronically. It is important for the safety of our members that as little cash as possible is taken at the gate, and we prefer payments to be made electronically where possible. If you are an international visitor needing to pay by cash, let the bookings officer know after following the instructions above.