Accommodation onsite:


Bunk house are available this year for GNW, its a flat rate of $15. Bunks comes with bedding (sheets, blankets & pillows) supplied by the SCA. There will be towels available if needed.

If you require bedding but have already booked and didn’t include bedding, please contact the bookings officer to discuss updating your booking details.

Bunks are situated throughout the site with most being in the shed near the main kitchen. They are scout bunks and are simple.

Travellers have priority for bunks, locals can be put on a waiting list if any are spare when bookings closed.

This page will be updated once more information is available.


The site has plenty of room for tents & pavilions. Remember flag all guy ropes with strips of white fabric. Please keep your area clean and free of rubbish. Respect other campers and move around quietly. Some areas will be roped off for event use. please follow stewards and gate keepers instructions please.

Mobile homes & Caravans

We will have an area for these, please let us know when booking that you will be using one of these, so that we can make sure that we have space for you with access to power.


Toilets and Showers

There is a large toilet block with heaps of showers and toilets. There are also disable toilets within this block. There are a toilets up near the carpark. The site is on main town water but we would encourage our guest to be waterwise.

If there are any problems with the toilets/showers – no toilet paper, no water running, etc –  please go to the officers tent by the list field and leave a message for the steward and hygiene coordinator. We have caretakers onsite and are very helpful, please let stewards deal with any issues of site with the caretakers.


The site has a gravel road that leads to the main site, toilets etc. We recommend using it if you have mobility issues. It is flat and an easy walk.

Accommodation – offsite