Welcome to Great Northern War 2024.

This is the largest event for the Society of Creative Anachronism in Queensland, featuring battles, tournaments, merchants and markets, camping, classes and courts, entertainments and much more.

The Barony of River Haven are the happy host for this years GNW and hope to see and catch up with as many of our friends as possible. Our aim this year is to build on the amazing work done by last years Stewards who brought GNW back from the Covid abyss and ran the first long event for GNW that we have had since Covid first hit.

We are trying a new site this year which has bunks, flat grounds, an amazing kitchen and so much more.

Event Details

GNW 2024 will run 3pm Friday the 7th June to midday Monday 10th of June at the Rocky Creek District Scout Camp, Landsborough. Details on the site are found here

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Duchess Sir Eva and Count Sir Leofric face in heavy combat as part of the Fire Tournament at Great Northern War 2017.
The Flame Tournament is the premier heavy combat tournament in the Northern Reaches, attracting a large field that is usually half-filled with Knights of the Realm, all surrounded by a ring of fire.