StewardsBaroness Josseline de la Cour – Rebecca Doltonemail
Deputy StewardsLady Argyle De Argenten – Anita Packwell – River Haven Seneschalemail
Cristin vetch Reys – Georgi Ana – Saint Florian Seneschalemail
Bookings OfficerMaestra Gabriella Borromei – Donna Pageemail
Gate ReeveMaestra Gabriella Borromei – Donna Pageemail
Food CoordinatorMistress Acacia de Navarra & Lady Nesta verch Wyn – Chris D’Aquino & Tina Swindells
Marshal in ChargeMaster Wulfric Greycloak – Ron McGovernemail
Warlord– Scott Murrowood
Rapier MarshalLord Robin of Twyford – Roy Worrallemail
Archery MarshalMistress Ælfgifu of Burnfield – Anita McGovernemail
Equestrian MarshalMake sure site is safe for our horses at the event and add items to timetable for display or activities – This role is ATM will depend if the site is safe for horses.
ConstableLord Robin of Twyford – Roy Worrallemail
ChirurgeonLady Eydis Ragnarsdottir – Jacqui McGarryemail
A&S CoordinatorLady Eleanora d’Arcy – Elaine Blackwellemail
Youth OfficerLady Ringwar Northwood – Cathy Rickettemail
ListLady Kara of Kirriemuir – Raćhel Wardemail
Heraldic & bannersThis roles is to help GNW look pretty with banners and wall hangings from the Baronies and the populace. Set up and pull down of the displays. Work with others to hang up items. Great role for someone who wants to help but can’t do high impact work.
Fire MarshalThis role is to help start, keep fire going and make sure fire practices are followed – work with others to provide a safe event.
Hygiene OfficerLady Kara of Kirriemuir – Raćhel Wardemail
Logistic OfficerThis is an important role to help get equipment needed to site – doesn’t mean you do it all but you coordinate with steward and others to get equipment to site.