The following are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Great Northern War.

The event site has changed – where is the new site and what is it like?

I know right? This event just keeps moving 🙂

We’re trying a new site, may not be the permenant home, but we’re seeing how we can improve the event.

New site location is

Allawah Scout Camp, Allawah Road, Mount Crosby, Queensland, Australia 4306

Who’s in charge of the site structure / encampments placement?

The site is huge and there is plenty of space for camping. For this year, the main areas for the list field, archery field, merchants, kitchen, and a zone for those medically requiring access to electricity (e.g. for CPAP machines) will be marked off.

The rest is up for grabs on first come, first served basis.

The site map is available under Site Information.

The new site does have cabins. Who gets first dibs?

The bookings officer is organising the space to be provided in the Cabins, please note that as there are limited number of spaces, first dibs will go to interstate travellers, with a wait list available for those with a Medical Condition. If you require a Cabin space, or would like a tent to borrow, please email.

Is there power supply available?

If you need power for medical reasons, please contact the Steward:

If individuals require electricity (e.g. for CPAP machines), they are allowed to bring a portable generator to the event. Those with generators will be camped in a particular area on the site to avoid noise pollution for the remainder of site.

Are there showers on site?

Yeah there are… how awesome is that? Mind you, as this site is untested, we don’t know their capacity, so please be patient with the hot water, and come on lads, no long showers to get your hair washed.

Is the event catered?

Yes. There is an option for you to book fully catered for the event, which includes meals from dinner Friday night until Monday lunch.

Event Prices – Where can I find them?

The event prices can be found on the event website: Event Prices

When are the price rises?

On April 26th there will be price rises, so get your bookings in early

Bookings will close at midnight on the week before and at gate prices (with no event catering option) will apply.

Can I book offboard (i.e. supply my own food)?

Yes. There is the option to pay a lesser event fee to attend the event without catering, which would mean that you need to supply, prepare and cook your own food in your campsite. The event prices can be found on the event website: Event Prices

Are fires allowed at the site?

Yes, provided they are confined to braziers and kept clear of nearby flammable materials (such as grass, hay, etc). The Flame Tourney will proceed as normal. This is all of course dependant on fire restrictions of the area at the time.

What is the earliest I can enter the event site?


Can I bring animals to the site?