Below is the A&S timetable for GNW 2024:

PLEASE NOTE: Timetable is subject to change – Crown will let us know if they wish to squeeze in a court or 2 within each day. This gives you an idea of what classes are coming to GNW 2024. If you wish to run a class or an activity please contact A&S officer.

Printed copies will be available at the gate, or click the button below to download a PDF copy.

Description of classes.

Martin the Blacksmith  (Daylight hours, Forge). 

Martin will be running the forge both days, and loves visitors.  Come see and learn what is involved in the ancient and noble art of smithing.  If you want to make something specific, he is happy to negotiate you doing that around your other commitments.  He will also be offering some Copper Working, mostly for our younger members, but he isn’t ageist.  😊

Smudging with Astrid Huagensto  (8.30 am Saturday, Celestial Teahouse.) 
Time: Approximately 30 minutes

Cost: Free – but gold coin donation to contribute to costs would be appreciated.

Who: Adults – Maximum 8 participants.

You will learn

  • the history of smudging
  • Types of plants to smudge with.
  • Safety considerations when smudging
  • How to make your own smudge stick

You will make lavender and rosemary smudging sticks to take home with information from the workshop.

Warning: Not suitable for anyone allergic to Lavender, rosemary, sage, or mugwort. Not suitable for anyone sensitive to smoke.

Clothing the Royals, How to successfully manage time sensitive sewing projects. (9 am Saturday, A&S 2)

In this class, current Mistress of the Robes for Their Majesties Iglesia and Bain – Baroness Grete Engelhardtz will discuss her strategies on dealing with time sensitive clothing projects, giving good tips and decision points to ensure your royals are not naked at their coronation. These strategies can be used for your own sewing projects too so come along even if you never want to make clothes for someone else.

Other details:

Teacher: Baroness Grete Engelhardtz
Class duration: 1 hour

Teacher website:

Tea service (9am Saturday, Celestial  Lotus Tea house)
Your Host, Wei Ming Cheng, will be demonstrating the most noble and ancient Chinese Tea Service.  Come to learn about this intriguing ceremony, stay for the tea.

Nalbinding 101: Beginner (10 am Saturday, A&S 1)

Mistress Glynnhavyr teaches the very basics of nalbinding, designed especially for those who have perhaps never crafted before.   
Nalbinding  102: Intermediate (2pm Saturday, A&S1)
Looking at the various stitches that can be utilised in nalbinding.

Nalbinding 103: Advanced. (10 am Sunday, A&S 1)
Constructing garments using nalbinding techniques.   

Amber Amulets with Astrid (10 am Saturday, Celestial Lotus Teahouse)

Time: 60 – 90 minutes

Cost: $25 per amulet

WHo: Adults – MAximum 8 participants

You will Learn:

  • What is amber and it’s historical value
  • How to test for real amber
  • How to work with amber
  • drilling amber
  • The magical properties of amber

You will select a piece of amber, sand, polish and drill it and place it on a leather thong to take home.

Warnings: Asthmatics advised to take precautions such as dusk masks

Catherine Parr’s necklace with Lady Eliana Darragone (10.30 am Saturday, A&S2)

Open photoKit will be $25 – this is fantastic value for the materials supplied! A hands on class.  If you have jewellery pliers please bring them. 

Fingerloop Braiding With Baroness Merewyn.  (Feasting tent, 10 am Saturday)
This will be a small class for 2-5 people, talking about and teaching various fingerloop braiding patterns.  If more interest can be repeated on Sunday. 

Dance Classes with Alliette Delecourt  (From 10 am Saturday, specific times TBA, Covered area next to Main Kitchen)  
15th Century, 16th Century, Maybe some English Country if we get enough participants, Italian if not. Come and learn this essential courtly skill!   

Sew a Viking Headwear Caitlin (10 to 12 Saturday, Gazebo next to Queen of Threads)
 Sew a Viking headwear! Either a Dublin Hood for ladies or a Pillbox hat for anyone to wear. I recommend a basic level of hand sewing. This class is kit based so participants can purchase kits depending on what level of fancy they want, ranging from $7 to $20

Making Beeswax leather Conditioner With Lady Cristin verch Reys (11am Saturday, Second Kitchen)
Find out how to make leather conditioner from beeswax.  Very useful for all your medieval and mundane gear.  At the end of the class, you will have your own tin of leather conditioner to take with you. Gold coin donation would be appreciated – all funds raised will be donated to the event venue to support their wildlife rehabilitation program.

Intro to Book Binding With Reimfred de Harle (2pm Saturday, A&S2)

A demonstration explaining the steps from beginning to end. There is no practical component to this class. Come learn how it is done. 

Making and Reading Runes  with Josefina the Traveller (2pm Saturday, Celestial Lotus Tea house)

Make your own Rune set and learn how to read them.

$20. maximum of 8 participants. Allow about one and a half hours

Basic hand sewing for beginners with Caitlin (2 to 3 pm Saturday, Gazebo next to Queen of Threads)

Basic hand sewing for beginners. What stitch where on what fabric. Free class

History of the Blue Feather (3pm Saturday, Feasting Tent)
Do you know about the SCA’s own Pride group?  Learn about their history, get answers to your questions, meet lovely people. 

So you want to join the Cook’s Guild? With Mistress Gabriella Borromei (4pm Saturday, A&S 1)

What is involved, how to get involved. Find out how to make fantastic feasts.   

Embroidery Circle with Ceara (4pm Saturday, A&S 2) 
Get together to stitch and learn the gentle art of Embroidery. Bring your projects to brag or ask for help.     

Making a Leather book with Josefina (4pm Saturday, Celestial Lotus Tea House)
Leather bound Book – Make your own leather wrap around book. $20 Maximum of 8 participants.

Stargazer’s Walk with Lady Yaraslova (around 7pm Saturday and Sunday at the Archery Tower – after feast)
Join Lady Yaroslava Solovei on a walk under the stars. Not so much a formal class, more a casual conversation – we can chat about what people in history thought of the stars and planets, how different cultures viewed the Milky Way, and you’ll get to play with an Astrolabe. Please bring your questions and your stories too! A (modern) telescope will be available to marvel at the stars more closely. All ages are welcome

Bardic Circle (All three  evenings at Fire Circle)
Join in the music and merrymaking around the Fire Circle. Head straight there after the feast or after the Stargazer’s walk. We have   members offering to show us their skills with fire-twirling, filking, storytelling and so forth.    

“Rabbit Poo” Buttons with Lady Nicola.  (9am Sunday, A&S 1)

Making fabric buttons (also known as dumpling or rabbit poo buttons).  There will be no cost. It will be a practical class with a one page handout. Any skill level.

Inkle loom with Lady Gabrielle (9am Sunday, A&S 2) 
Many of us have seen and admired THL Gabrielle’s woven belts.  In this class she shows us how they are made, how to warp an inkle loom and make patterns. 

All things Witchy – Witches’ Bells and Spell Jars  with Josefina (9am Sunday, Celestial Lotus Teahouse)
Actually two classes, Josefina the traveller will demonstrate how to make Witch’s Bells (limit 8 for this class, cost $15)  and Spell Jars (no number limit, cost $5). 

WCOB Meeting with Ceara (11am Sunday, A&S 1)
The Worshipful Company of Broderers will be holding their meeting at this time.

Herald’s Consult with Glynnhavvyr (11 am Sunday, A&S 2)

Clay Casting Hedaby Style (TBC- 3pm Sunday, A&S2)
Talk to include development of standard alloys for bronze and brass.

Blue Feather afternoon tea (get-together) 2pm Sunday, Blue Feather Tent

Lutrel Psalter with Baroness Katherine Alicia (TBC 9 am Saturday, A&S3)

Foundational Skills in Paint Workshop with Duchess Tailtu (TBA, A&S 3)