See the general timetable for times and locations of the various heavy combat activities on offer.

The Marshal in Charge for the event is Lord Alain Quartier.

The following is the list and descriptions of these activities.

Flame Tournament

The Flame Tournament is a heavy tournament run in the dark of the night in a list field surrounded by real fire. Eight grand melee rounds are held where all combatants enter the list field and challenge someone to a one-on-one fight. If you win, you find another to challenge. If you lose, you leave the list field until the next round. Wounds carry within each round, but not between rounds. The final victor of each round is admitted to an eight person semi-final, or nominates someone in their stead if they win more than once. The victor of each round must also sit out the next round before re-joining.

Heavy Melee Games

Count Sir Henri de Montferrant will be hosting the ever-popular heavy melee games. Some examples of these games in previous years have included chess, soccer, battleships, and sheep stealing – they’re a great entertainment for combatant and spectator alike.

Heavy War

Saturday and Sunday will see a variety of heavy war scenarios, put together by the event Marshal in Charge.

Powerful Owl Tournament

The Powerful Owl Tournament is a fighter auction tourney, with the victor claiming the title of the Powerful Owl for a year. Sir Ariston Hegelochou holds the title of Powerful Owl from 2017 and 2018 – can you win out the tourney to take the title from him?