Catweasel Coffee

Traditionally there is tea and coffee included in the food price and this is made available in a help yourself form at the kitchen serving table.

This year we are trying something new. Vicomtesse Huguette and Mistress Felice have kindly offered to run a coffee house named ‘Catweasel Coffee’.  This will be set up at the end of the main dining pavilion and be adjacent to the Jolly Duke Tavern and a lounging area.

Catweasel Coffee is not a for profit business. This will be operated by volunteers looking to improve the ambience of the event, similar to the Jolly Duke Tavern. The price is set to cover the costs of the drinks and sundries, ice, etc.

Their will be two general categories of beverage.


Similar to previous year. Instant coffee, tea, and drinking chocolate powder.

These are basic entry level drinks. There is no need to book in special for this Tier other than booking for the food.


Tickets $10 each for 6 drinks

These are hand made beverages consisting of but not limited to items like plunger coffee, better quality tea, Turkish coffee, and real hot chocolate.

These tickets will be booked in addition to the main entry price. This will help facilitate to gauge quantities of goods. This Tier is only available by booking before hand, not at the gate. Catweasel will not be taking money on site. You can buy as many tickets as you like and transfer drinks between people. If you’ve already completed the booking form and want to add drinks to your booking please contact the Bookings Officer to arrange.

The Tier 2 beverages will be available between:

  • Friday: Event open – 9pm
  • Saturday/Sunday: 7am – 8pm
  • Monday: 7am – Event close

Outside of these times the Tier 1 beverages will still be available on a help yourself basis as per previous years.

Allergies / Dietary preferences: There will be soy / almond milk available. For both Tier 1 and Tier 2 drinks. Please let the bookings officer know any dietary requirements through the booking form or via the email address above.

Note: There is no external coffee providers this year.